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Mirror to Mirror Beginnings

Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting our site! Mirror to Mirror LLC, affectionately known as M2M, is a Black Mother Owned, handmade jewelry design company. We specialize in bold colors and the use of intricate seed beads To create wearable pieces of rare art.

Beginning in January 2019, M2M founder, designer, and mother to a 3 month old baby, Devonne Nobles began teaching herself how to bead with seed beads to create earrings. Her only resources were the couple hundred dollars she had in her bank account, YouTube and a strong will to combat postpartum depression. Despite many mistakes and long nights, Devonne began to craft incredible designs that she only shared with friends and family. After being blown away by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and demand, her fuel for skill development had been officially lit. As for her path to full-time entrepreneurship, she was officially on her way. In addition to creating jewelry, Devonne began cultivating skills that remained dormant prior to the birth of her first child. Her eyes were immediately open to the endless world of self-education. Now, Devonne spends her time enjoying and growing her businesses, while showing other women how to do the same thing.

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